• Global Youth Festival Wraps Up Its Main Event!

    AIESEC Bandung just held Global Youth Festival to increase leadership awareness to youth.

  • AIESEC Delhi University Summer Exchange Project

    Join In and Make a Difference by Taking One From These Opportunities

  • Why We Do What We Do?

    Learn more why we do what we do for over 65 years

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  • Students

    Join AIESEC as a student and get a life-changing experience with the global network environment.

  • Companies

    Partner with us to bring impact on society by supporting our activities while creating leaders for the future.

We Speak

Shout your opinion about leadership. We would like to gather your voice on what leadership really is.

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Welcome to Our Website

AIESEC in Bandung is part of AIESEC International which offers leadership opportunities and global learning environment to youth in Bandung. We believe that leadership is a part of human life-integral that everyone should have to seek. Within our programs, every person can choose and experience their leadership opportunities.We believe by creating leaders from youth, we can help shaping this world into the better one. That's why we are offering youth a life-changing experience and making them crossed their comfort line and begin to take action of what happened around them

AIESEC in Bandung website is created to get closer with youth, who wants to gain their leadership, and also for companies. Get our recent updates through this website and also the external newsletter that will be available soon. Apply for some opportunities posted from this website and experience global network living. Happy surfing our site!

About Us

Present in over 124 countries and territories around the globe, AIESEC is the largest student-run organization that provide leadership and global learning environment. For over 65 years, AIESEC has delivered millions of leadership and global experience to youth over the globe. AIESEC Indonesia, established in 1984, has became the platform for youth in Indonesia for over 29 years. AIESEC Indonesia existed in 14 cities and 28 universities, providing unique leadership experiences.

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